Sweat Proof: Style Tips to Keep you Looking Cool This Summer

Posted On Aug 8, 2014 By Rachel Weingarten

How To Stay Fresh During The Summer Heat

I am not a summer person. I neither glisten nor glow, and I'm certainly not prone to flitting about in tiny summer frocks or bum-baring shorts. Instead, I kind of melt into a person puddle and hope that my mascara hasn't melted into my lip gloss by the end of the day. That's not to say that there aren't ways to keep looking adorable as the Fahrenheit keeps creeping ever upward.

Some thoughts on keeping cool (or at least cool-looking) over the summer:

  • Keep fragrance in the fridge – it's an old-school trick, but there really is something incredibly refreshing about an icy spritz of scent on a hot day.
  • Light layers – it seems counterintuitive, but sometimes an extra layer will actually keep you cooler. A flesh toned or bright toned sweat wicking tank top under a shirt or cap sleeve tee will draw sweat away from your body and eliminate any potential pit stains (ugh!). Remove before a night out and you'll look refreshed and ready for fun.
  • Seal in the style – Check product labels for hints that products are longer-lasting. For instance, waterproof mascara isn't just for teary moments, it's also a great bet during sweaty weather. Try a lip stain instead of a goopy gloss as well for a fresher face.