Summer Is Here. Don't Forget About Your Fitness Goals.

Posted On May 30, 2018 By Tim Arndt, Resistance Training Specialist

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Summer is almost officially here. That means BBQ's, camping, road trips, vacations, reunions and weddings– just to name a few. The point is there are going to be a lot of distractions, and the danger is you risk forgetting about your fitness goals.

When you forget about your fitness goals, exercising takes a back seat to these seasonal activities. Once the sun goes away and the weather cools off, you are left starting from scratch, and your motivation to exercise has disappeared. This is obviously not a good situation for anyone. But don't worry– there are plenty of ways to integrate fitness into your summer activities.

Here are some sure-fire ways to keep your fitness goals "top of mind"…

  • Most camping areas have access to hiking trails. Don't sit around the campfire all day; go for a hike.
  • Dance it up if you're at a wedding.
  • BBQ/reunions: toss around a football or Frisbee, get a small pick-up basketball game going, or challenge the cousins to something athletic.
  • Do 10 push-ups and 25 squats each time you stop during a road trip.
  • Many summer activities involve visiting bodies of water. Go swimming if you have the opportunity.
  • And don't forget to always use the stairs and park in the back of parking lots!

The point is to get creative and look for ways to sneak some activity in. Each time you will be reminded of why you are doing it: your goal. This also means you'll be constantly reminding yourself of your fitness goals, and there will be no chance you will forget about them.

Summer weather offers a unique opportunity for new fitness activities, so don't fall victim to forgetting about your goals this year. By keeping them "top of mind", you will stay motivated to be consistent with your workouts. You may have to reduce your frequency just a little bit, but at least you won't be starting from scratch come fall!

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