5 Easy Ways To Survive The Summer Bbq Circuit

Posted On Jul 1, 2019 By Amanda Wormann

Barbecued foods including asparagus, hamburger patties, chicken and kebab skewers

Right as we kick off summer – when we’re working to be our healthiest – we get hit with a never-ending list of goal-setting distractions. Pool parties. Family vacations. Work picnics. The list goes on and on. This means trying to be on our best behavior while dodging tasty temptations. As summer gets going, here are few simple tricks to stay on track with health goals without skipping out on the good times.

Deconstructed Burger

Deconstructed Burger Salad Recipe. A hamburger patty on top of vegetables and drizzled with a creamy chipotle sauce.

Because every cookout has a burger.

It’s easy to feel like a pain in the butt when you’re on a restrictive diet. But if you’re at a barbecue, it’s likely there are burgers on the grill, which makes for a convenient survival meal. So ditch the bun, grab some greens and have a little fun. Try this Deconstructed Burger Salad.

Bring on the veggies

Grilled chicken and veggie kabobs on a plate.

Savory colors satisfies the palate and helps keep us from snacking later.

Vegetables don’t have to be boring, and one of the easiest ways to stay healthy at a party is to fill up on the good to fight temptations for the bad. Try these Veggie and Chicken Kabobs.

Mocktails and Bubbles

A glass filled with watermelon mojito mocktail. Garnished with mint and watermelon.

Even as adults it’s fun to play make-believe.

Whether you’re on an alcohol restricted diet like Whole30, or just want to skip the booze, there are simple ways to survive. Mocktails make it possible to partake in the merriment, or even easier route is to come prepared with your favorite seltzer. Try this Watermelon Mojito Mocktail.

Perfect Protein

Simple Greek Chicken Marinade Recipe

If you show up with something healthy, there are no excuses.

Not sure of what will be on hand, but know you’ll be starving? It’s all about the emergency food. Come prepared with a healthy protein to throw on the grill – deliciously marinated chicken breast is great to share while also meating – oops, meeting – your health goals. Try this Simple Greek Chicken Marinade.

Nice Cream

Two Ingredient Mango Nice Cream

Dessert-time dread? Not a problem.

So we made it through dinner, but there’s a sweet summer pie in the kitchen, and it’s calling our name. Don’t do it. Coming prepared with a healthy alternative allows us to participate in the fun without the regret. Try this Tropical Mango Nice Cream.