Creating a Successful and Affordable Workplace Wellness Plan

Posted On Sep 12, 2013 By Bowflex Insider Team


A recent study shows that up to 70% of Americans are dissatisfied with their current jobs, indicating a shocking trend in the U.S. workplace. When a workforce is unhappy, its productivity is sure to be lower than colleagues who are content with their employment status.

Managers, specifically in the human resources department, might feel confused about these statistics and be seeking methods to re-engage their workforce and create a cohesive working environment. But many will overlook the option of offering a corporate wellness program to help combat these issues.

While implementing a workplace wellness program can sound daunting and costly, the good news is that companies of any size, with any budget, can successfully start and manage fun and engaging programs!

Here are some examples of popular workplace fitness and health initiatives, which work on any budget:

  1.  Lunchtime walking clubs promoted via company email and on-site posters.
  2. Group fitness classes. Source expertise within your company and find someone who will teach a Crossfit-style, yoga, Pilates or strength class. Companies with a larger budget can hire an outside teacher to instruct these classes and invest in additional equipment.
  3. Discounted memberships. Incentivize employees to hit the gym by offering discounted memberships, or build an on-site fitness center if space allows.
  4. Start a healthy eating policy at work. Forget the bagels at the morning meeting and bring fruit and protein bars in instead. Leave a signup sheet in the kitchen for a salad club where employees sign up to bring one salad ingredient to share. This is a cost-effective and fun way to get a group of people to eat healthier and explore new tastes together!
  5. Make philanthropy fun! Find a local charity that fits within your corporate values and encourage your staff to train for a 5k or triathlon to fundraise for this group. Hold group workouts, track success and locate a vendor who will print team shirts or uniforms for a discounted price. This is also a wonderful opportunity to earn positive press for your organization!

Over time, workplace wellness programs have been proven to create traction at work and increase productivity and presenteeism at the office. In addition, employees will be happier, healthier and take less sick time. A company with successful initiatives can plan to see a reduction in its annual premium increases – or even rate decreases – by promoting health at work.

With the sky-high costs of health insurance and the hiring and recruiting process, offering a cost-effective wellness program, complete with a tracking mechanism, is a no-brainer for executives looking to trim the fat from their bottom-lines.

About the Guest Author:

Herbert Ong, President and CEO of Healthentic, on Affordable Workplace Wellness Plan

Herbert Ong President and CEO of Healthentic, guides Healthentic with more than 14 years of experience in the technology industry, and 20 years in health care. Driven and energetic, Herbert discovered an unmet need in wellness informatics and co-founded Healthentic. He enjoys researching breaking-edge technology, spending time with his wife and two daughters, and watching Vancouver Canucks hockey.