Stronger Every Day: San Diego Circuit Workout

Posted On Jul 10, 2020 By BowFlex Insider Team

People outside doing a circuit workout.

We kicked-off the San Diego festivities with a back-patio workout hosted by BowFlex Fitness Advisor Tom Holland. Tom took our team of trainers, athletes, and fitness influencers through a full-body circuit workout that was designed to deliver the benefits of cardio and strength in a short amount of time.

The most fun part about Tom Holland’s Stronger Every Day workouts? Believe it or not, they aren’t pre-planned. In fact, they are intentionally improvised on-site as an exercise in building workouts around our immediate surroundings. Why? Because living spaces across America are not identical. No two environments are the same. Some homes and apartments lack space while others lack proximity to parks, local gyms, or equipment. That’s why we develop workouts and products specifically designed to minimize space and maximize output. Our mission is to inspire anyone with a fitness goal in mind to discover fun, creative ways to tailor their own workouts around their environment.

In Stronger Every Day: Austin, we lacked space so we ventured to a local park for a bodyweight circuit.

In Stronger Every Day: San Francisco, we traveled during the winter months and lacked daylight. So we brought our workout indoors with a custom kettlebell workout.

In Stronger Every Day: San Diego, we were gifted with a lot of space – in-home and outdoors, as well as a back-patio staircase. So BowFlex Fitness Advisor Tom Holland took advantage of this by creating a circuit workout utilizing BowFlex products and available space.

San Diego Circuit Workout

Duration: Entirely customizable. Aim for 30-45 seconds per exercise. Repeat the list 1-5 times depending on skill level for a great strength and cardiovascular workout that can be achieved from nearly anywhere. Most importantly, tailor the workout below to match your environment! If you don’t have a BowFlex C6 Bike, supplement with a bicycle crunch. No Kettlebell? Try using a dumbbell instead or a milk jug filled with sand or water.

  1. BowFlex C6 Bike (Alt: bicycle crunches) – 70% output
    People around a BowFlex C6 Bike.
  2. Lunges
  3. Kettlebell Deadlift (try mixing it up every other round with Kettlebell Squats or body-weight squats)
  4. Kettlebell Swings (Alt: Burpees)
    A woman using a BowFlex 840 Kettlebell.
  5. Stairs (Alt: High Knees)

Enjoying this series? Stay tuned for more from the Stronger Every Day: San Diego tour!