Stronger Every Day: Austin

Posted On Nov 15, 2019 By BowFlex Insider Team

Austin City Skyline

This fall, the BowFlex Stronger Every Day Team embarked on an epic journey to visit a handful of influential cities across America. Why? To introduce the world to our new and improved BowFlex brand along with BowFlex JRNY™, a personalized coaching platform that guides users through every workout with the goal of helping them achieve long-term success in all its forms.

The first stop of our tour? Austin, Texas: a city bursting with vibrant entertainment, culture, technology, cuisine, and fitness. While the state of Texas has historically high obesity rates, Austin is frequently recognized as one of the healthiest cities in America. The #KeepAustinFit hashtag alone has over 120,000 posts on Instagram and is growing at an ever-rapid rate.

But while Austin is certainly a city of go-getters, entrepreneurs, and fitness gurus, not everyone in Austin has easy access to a fit and healthy lifestyle. From time-crunched worker bees to busy parents to anyone who is simply trying to get back into shape, the most difficult part of any fitness journey tends to revolve around finding the time, space, energy, and motivation to make personal health a priority. Plus, a city like Austin features extreme outdoor temperatures that can present unique challenges for any budding workout routine.

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That’s why our Stronger Every Day Team decided to visit this iconic city: to spread the word about a whole host of new BowFlex fitness products that provide time-crunched Texans with unique, easily-accessible cardio and strength solutions from the comfort of their (air-conditioned) homes.

So we thought to ourselves, how can we best spread the word and help this growing city rise in ranks to become the fittest city in America? We knew we couldn’t do it all by ourselves, so the Stronger Every Day Team decided to rent a home in East Austin and invite some of Austin’s finest influencers, fitness instructors, and fitness/food bloggers for an evening of workouts, delicious food, and great conversation about the city’s connection to fitness.

Here is our amazing list of influencers – make sure to check them out on social media to see some of the awesome things they are up to.

Stay tuned for more updates from our Austin tour including a closer look at our newest cardio and strength products, a unique circuit workout led by BowFlex Fitness Advisor Tom Holland, and a delicious tostada recipe from Gather + Forge that you don’t want to miss!

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