Staying Happy and Healthy During the Summer Heat

Posted On Jun 18, 2018 By BowFlex Insider Team

Staying Happy and Healthy During the Summer Heat

Warm weather and blue skies are some of our favorite things about summer. It’s a great time of year for camping, beach trips, and getting outside with the family. But what about workouts?

The heat can sometimes put a damper on working out, especially if your routine involves anything outside. Hitting the air-conditioned gym or working out on the TreadClimber at home with a fan on full-speed might be more appealing than hitting the blistering pavement for a run outside. But staying healthy and happy when you’re outside during the summer heat is completely possible.

Stay Hydrated

It’s no surprise that exercising in hot weather increases your body’s temperature. Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling off, so staying hydrated should be a priority. Take a water bottle with you on summer ventures, and make sure to refill it often. On average, women need 2.7 liters of fluid each day, while men need about 3.7 liters. Heat exhaustion, or even heatstroke, are real risks if you are not properly hydrated.

Protect Against the Sun

If you’re going to be out in direct sunlight, be sure to take the sunscreen — whether you’re working out, gardening, swimming or something else. Dermatologists recommend that you wear sunscreen even on overcast days. Make sure that you are applying it regularly — at least once an hour. Sweating and swimming can cause sunscreen to wear off even faster.

Pick the Best Time

This time of year, the sun is usually at its strongest between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Plan your day accordingly and avoid working out during this timeframe. Instead, try an early morning swim or an evening run when temperatures are more manageable — remember, you still need to wear sunscreen. You could even try grabbing a friend and going for a night run.

When you spend months getting ready for summer, don’t let the heat stop you from getting an outdoor workout in. However, if you do prefer to stay indoors most days to beat the heat, we have you covered with multiple home exercise equipment options that will give you a tremendous workout.