How To Stay Cool And Comfortable During The Sweatiest Time Of The Year

Posted On Jul 23, 2018 By Rachel Weingarten

How To Stay Cool And Comfortable During The Sweatiest Time Of The Year

We all get hot and sweaty during our daily workouts- it’s part of the process. It’s another thing entirely though, to spend the entire summer season sweaty and grimy and gross. Even when choosing clothing with fabric that promises to “wick away sweat” and help cool you down, you might not be making the best choice after all. So, what should you choose to look stylish and not wrung out when working out or hanging out?

“The consumer (generally) is completely unaware of the thermoregulation (warming and cooling) mechanics of the human body and thus consumers believe moving liquid moisture (wicking) is solving a problem. It’s not,” said Dr. Gregory Haggquist, Founder and CTO of 37.5 Technology. He explains that “The presence of liquid sweat is the failure of your clothing to manage humidity next to your skin.” For that reason, Dr. Haggquist created performance fabrics to work with your body’s heating and cooling systems to create a perfect comfortable balance.”

Before you head out shopping for new summer wear, read this:

Choose your colors wisely

A few years back, I read a fascinating article explaining why despite common wisdom telling us to avoid black during summer months, it’s actually the coolest color you can wear. In a nutshell, while most people think white is the coolest color, since it reflects heat, that’s actually a mistake. White doesn’t just reflect the sun’s heat outward, it reflects our own body heat right back at us causing sweltering conditions in even the skimpiest outfit. Believe it or not, black is a much better bet since not only does it absorb external heat, but it can absorb the heat from your own body as well. Be smart though and wear summer weight fabrics to avoid heavy weaves which could cause you to sweat more.

Shop for smarter fabrics

Instead of picking up the tiniest pair of shorts or breeziest looking top, spend some time reading up on the fabrics. For instance, cotton might seem like the coolest fabric, but it also allows sweat to gather and then pool, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and sporting giant sweat stains. In addition to performance fabrics, you can also look for naturally cool fabrics like Tencel which is made of bleached wood pulp, or cooling bamboo which is naturally anti-microbial (goodbye sweat stink!).

Look for the escape route

If you you’ve noticed loads of tiny holes in all your new clothing, you’re not alone. Even extremely high-end clothing companies are creating fabrics with natural vents to allow air to flow through. From running shoes to evening shoes, vented and perforated fabrics give the impression of being covered up, without making you feel trapped in your clothing.

Layer up

Wait, what? Aren’t layers a winter thing? The short answer is yes and no. If you hate the way tight T’s feel or find that your bare legs are chafing, try adding another layer. Wearing a thin tank top means your sheer top won’t cling. Boy shorts under even a sun dress can help you avoid heat rash.

In the end, dressing for summer is about combining the coolest fabrics and styles with common sense!