Spring Into Renewal: Your 5-Step Guide

Posted On Mar 18, 2017 By Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

Spring Into Renewal: Your 5-Step Guide

Spring is the ideal time for starting fresh, wiping the slate clean, and getting serious about your health and fitness goals. In my opinion, it's a much better time to set resolutions, goals, and try to change unhealthy habits. It's easier to be active with the weather warming up; sunshine really is good for the soul! So whether you skipped New Year's Resolutions or have given up on them (which most people have so don't feel bad!), now is the perfect time to go back to the drawing board. Use these 5 tips to formulate your goals and spring into renewal:

  1. Take ownership

    Only you can achieve your goals. No one else can make healthy choices for you. Beyond hiring a personal chef to cook healthy meals for you, YOU are the only one that can change your habits and achieve your goals.

  2. Write it down

    And make sure you have a very specific and realistic goal. For example, if stress management is your goal, write down that you'll do yoga once a week, breathe and count to 10 in moments of stress, plan at least one fun activity every month with your family, and walk at lunchtime three days per week.

  3. Turn failing into a positive

    The fear of failing or rejection is a common reason people don't set goals or start the journey to achieving them in the first place. No one likes to fail. Try changing your view on failing first; see it as pain or failure as a catalyst for change. Use past failed attempts whether it's losing weight, training for a 10K, or getting into a consistent workout routine and learn from them. Use a different approach this time or take what did help you and build upon it.

  4. Make room for your goals

    In other words, make time for your goals. You can't add in something like exercising more or eating healthier (these are not good goals because they are too general by the way!) without cutting back in other areas or looking for ways to multi-task. Can you exercise while watching your favorite TV program? How much recreational time do you spend in front of a screen? Do you have any commitments that don't add to your life, well-being, and happiness? Maybe it's time to cut back.

  5. Get the right tools and assess your progress

    If you need more knowledge in the area of your goal, prepare yourself with the right arsenal of tools. If you need professional guidance from a personal trainer, registered dietitian, or other health professional, get it. It will be worth it. Even simple things like good headphones, a workout support group/buddy, or finding a motivating blog or podcast can help keep you on track. Assess your progress as you work towards your bigger goal. Weekly is ideal and adequate and allows you to celebrate small victories and recognize what's working and what's not and adapt to achieve your main goal.

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