Preparing for Your Spring Fitness Regime

Posted On May 1, 2018 By BowFlex Insider Team

Preparing for Your Spring Fitness Regime

April is over, and that means warm weather is just around the corner! Spring is an opportunity to get back outside and get moving.

Whether you plan to turn over a new fitness leaf, or are just looking forward to more time in the great outdoors, this season offers so many new ways to get active as we shift to longer days.

With time and weather once again on our side, here's our checklist to stay active this spring:

  • Find the inspiration

    Shaking off a dreary winter can be hard for anyone. Maybe you're ready to revisit your 2018 resolution. Or maybe you just want to spend more time outside with the family. Find your inspiration for a fitness-focused spring season.

  • Plan a few meals

    With a new season's worth of flavors to try, now is the perfect time to start plotting out a spring meal plan. Try incorporating one or two healthy meals each week, or get the family involved with planning out new dishes that will soon become old favorites.

  • Sign up for an event to stay motivated

    Working toward a goal is an easy way to jumpstart old fitness habits. Our BowFlex Fitness Advisor Tom Holland continuously trains for IRONMAN events. Of course, your goal doesn't have to be as big as a triathlon. You can start small by exploring upcoming charity walks or 5K runs in your neighborhood.

  • Read up

    Before the weather gets too nice, take the time to teach yourself something new about your body. Pick up that new yoga how-to guide or learn a few tips and tricks to enhance your workouts.

  • Pack your bag

    It might feel a little early, but taking stock of your current equipment and gear is important. Replace worn-out shoes and cracked water bottles, or upgrade your at-home gym equipment for the new season.

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