Spartan Spencer OCRBeast Workout #2

Posted On Jul 15, 2015 By Spencer Mahoney aka "Spartan Spencer"

Spartan Spencer OCRBeast Workout #2

Are you training for an obstacle course race, or just looking for a killer workout? Try the Spartan Spencer OCRBeast Workout #2, powered by Bowflex:

In this second workout, Spencer walks you through how to perform goblet squats with Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells and follows that up with wall sits. Both exercises are put together in a pyramid style format, where you start off doing five squats followed by a five second wall sit, then ten squats followed by a ten second wall sit, then fifteen, twenty, and finally twenty-five. If you feel like an OCRBeast, you can bring it back down after twenty-five to twenty, fifteen, ten, then finally five.

Try to strive to get to at least twenty-five, even if you have to do the squats without the dumbbell. Make sure you are challenging yourself, but choose a weight that allows you to keep your form through every rep.

To really step your training up, mix this workout in to your week with the Spartan Spencer AMRAP Workout #1.

Have you tried the workout yet? Did you make it to twenty-five, or even further? Let us know how much of an OCRBeast you are in the comments below.