Tom's 1 Minute Pro Tips - Why Single Leg Exercises Are So Important

Posted On Aug 30, 2018 By Tom Holland

Four fit women doing lunges on top of a building. Single Leg Exercises. Why they are so Important

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When it comes to being as healthy and injury-free as possible, you want to train the way you move. This is why single leg, also known as “unilateral training,” is so important; especially when it comes to your lower body. You spend a great deal of time supporting your body with just one leg - Thus you want to perform exercises that utilize the same muscular patterns and activation.

Single leg exercises are one of the reasons I have been able to race 25 Ironman triathlons and over 70 marathons and ultra marathons around the world, while remaining injury-free.

Want to learn more about why you should add single leg training to your workouts? Watch this quick Fit Tip and find out!

Video Transcription

Why Single Leg Exercises Are So Important

Hi, I'm Tom Holland BowFlex Fitness Adviser.

Why are single leg exercises so important? They are so important, I am living proof of it, because we have so many imbalances and weaknesses in our lower body that one-legged exercises help to correct.

So whether it's your glutes, your knees, your hips, all the different issues we have with our lower body; lower body single leg exercises are phenomenal at helping to strengthen your weak links and keep you injury free.


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