Shelly's Story: Road Bumps Couldn't Stop Her

Posted On Aug 24, 2015 By Bowflex Insider Team

Shelly's Story: Road Bumps Couldn't Stop Her

As a single mother of two, Shelly had always been active, but just didn't seem to have the time anymore to exercise. She was determined to lose weight and was having little success, until she stumbled upon the Bowflex TreadClimber.

"I saw the infomercial and thought it could be awesome. I could use it at home and watch TV," recalls Shelly. "I remember after two weeks of using it, I was walking and didn't feel any jiggle. I felt toned and knew it was working. That's when I knew I was going to stick with it."

The progress renewed Shelly's interest in fitness. Soon, she started incorporating other exercises like squats and arm exercises to tone her body. After four short months, Shelly lost 40 pounds and was back to her high school weight.

Shelly maintained the weight loss until June 2014, but as summer began, she became extremely ill. Between June and September, she was hospitalized and underwent four surgeries. Bedridden until December, Shelly faced heavy restrictions on her exercise routines.

"I gained weight back more rapidly than I anticipated," Shelly explained. "But it was nice to know that I could get back in shape in no time. It came off the first time, so I knew it would again."

And that's exactly what happened. By the Christmas season, Shelly was back on track and heading to her original weight-loss mark.

But her new lifestyle did more than change her body. Beyond the physical benefits, Shelly also noticed a difference in her relationship with her children: "They're proud of me. I want to instill in them that it's not just about losing weight, but living a healthy lifestyle too."

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