Seven Biggest Gym Pet Peeves

Posted On Aug 17, 2017 By Tom Holland

Tom Holland and the BowFlex Breakfast Club

If the number one reason people give for not going to the gym is lack of time, a close second has to be the weird, wacky world of the gym itself. When we discussed this very topic on a recent BowFlex Breakfast Club Facebook Live broadcast the comments came in fast and furious. As someone who has spent the better part of his life in the gym: as a member, trainer, group fitness instructor and owner, I have seen and heard it all. Here is my list of a few of the top gym pet peeves:

  1. Leaving Weights on The Machines

    Listen all you Quadzillas out there – If you're strong enough to leg press 600 pounds, then you're certainly strong enough to put the weights back as well. It goes back to the basic lessons we learned in kindergarten; if you use it, put it back where you found it. Reracking your weights should not be a component of my workout.

  2. Equipment Everywhere

    In addition to lazy people leaving plates on machines, venture into some gyms during peak hours and you would think a category 4 hurricane swept through recently, scattering everything that wasn't nailed down. Benches, dumbbells, bands, balls, mats, you name it – the floor is littered with equipment left by, yes, lazy people. Clean up after yourself.

  3. "Mr. Helper"

    Every gym has at least one, if not several, members who find the need to share their unsolicited exercise expertise with anyone and everyone they can. From "Let me show you how to do that better," to "Want to really see how to target those glutes?" "Mr. Helper" is annoying, creepy, and one reason people tend to avoid the gym altogether.

  4. People Who Stare

    Most people are uncomfortable enough at the gym without be ogled while they work out. And, sorry guys, women are onto what I call the "mirror bounce" technique. Stop staring and focus instead on your workout.

  5. Texting on the Equipment

    While the advances in fitness technology have been nothing short of astronomical in just the past few years, the cellphone is fast becoming detrimental to the work being performed in the gym itself, affecting both the person texting on the equipment as well as the person waiting to use it. Texting while sitting on the machines, on the weight benches – I even see people texting while taking group cycling classes. Enough. Here's a novel idea: Leave your phone in your locker.

  6. Super-Setting

    Super-setting is performing two different exercises right after one another, such as doing a bench press followed by a cable lat pull down. Gym members who superset will often use multiple pieces of equipment at the same time, putting towels on one piece to "hold" it while they go off and use another, oftentimes leaving it unattended for long stretches of time. This is not okay, especially when the gym is crowded and equipment is limited. Once again, these people need to go back to kindergarten and learn how to share. You can play with only one toy at a time.

  7. Paying Extra For Classes

    In addition to the normal monthly membership fee, many gyms will also have an additional charge for certain group fitness classes. Members don't want to be nickel-and-dimed when it comes to offerings they feel should be included in their monthly rate, especially given the explosion in the boutique fitness studio market. Unless Tony Horton himself is teaching the P90X class, don't charge extra for it.

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