Self Care in 2018: Three Simple Tips

Posted On Jan 22, 2018 By Rachel Weingarten

Self Care in 2018: Three Simple Tips

During the crush of holiday outings, meals, and frequent family feuds, it can be tough to always remember to take care of yourself. Magnifying that is the fact that being in a crowd- either at work or at a festive gathering- can somehow encourage the not so great behavior like overeating, overdrinking, or skimping on sleep. And then comes the forced merriment of the new year and it can be exhausting to keep up, much less remember to take care of yourself.

No matter how many distractions the holiday season offered, here are a few tips to remind you to take care of yourself in 2018.

Take Advantage of Local Offerings

Scan local stores or websites to see who might be offering free meditation, mindfulness or self-care inspired classes. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that fashion brand Eileen Fisher has something called LifeWork, based in Irvington, NY. They offer workshops and events to inspire individuals to build a more mindful life. Some workshop topics include "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction" to "Mindful Living, Less Stress & More Joy."

You don't have to commit to a long-term plan, even just stopping in for a change of pace (and a measured breath) can help you get back to yourself.

Find an Accountability Buddy

Or sister or mom. Publicist Jo Trizila and her 8-year-old share a ritual in which they ask each other the same few questions every night, including: "What was the very best thing about your day today?" followed by "What was the very worst thing about your day today?" They end off with "What is one thing you are thankful for today?" Some days feel tougher than others, but having someone to share the high and low points with can remind you that your problems mean something, and are important. Trizila said her rational for the questions is that "you can't compare the good to the bad without knowing what is good or bad."

Sometimes taking a step back to name these things will help you better prepare for and care for yourself in the future.

Lose the Guilt

Nutritionist Dr. Jacquie Lavin concentrates on overeating and overindulging, but she reminds us that even messing up isn't the end of the world. "If you go off-track, it's tempting to beat yourself up and tell yourself you've blown it. Don't allow yourself to sabotage your success, simply put it behind you, get straight back on track." Great advice for dieting, and even better for the year ahead.

It can be tough to feel great about yourself when everyone else seems to be in a better place, but that's no reason to give up entirely.