Beat Seasonal Depression with Winter Workouts

Posted On Sep 15, 2014 By Bowflex Insider Team

Working out during colder weather can imrpove your mood.

It is the season of barbecues, relaxing poolside, road trips and summer fashion trends. However, the fun in the sun will soon give way to colder weather, shorter daylight hours, lack of exercise motivation and the eventual "winter blues."

Research has proven that seasonal depression is very real, but there is just as much research proving that exercise is one of the best ways to combat these seasonal blues. Doctors in Texas found that people are less likely to be depressed when they have higher levels of cardiovascular health.

With just 30 minutes of brisk exercise per day or even every other day, you can increase and improve your overall fitness levels thus reducing stress and the effects of depression. You can reduce —if not avoid — winter blues and seasonal depression altogether by taking action right now!

Starting now while we are still enjoying summer is the key because you can carry that momentum right into the fall and then push through the winter months. You don't have start running marathons or drop hundreds of dollars on new workout gear. Simply start and keep moving with activities and forms of exercise that interest you the most. Try a few different activities now, determine which ones you personally like best and use them to keep you engaged, challenged and energized during the winter months.

This is not to say that exercise alone is the complete cure-all for depression, but exercise can be a great tool for coping. If your levels of depression far outweigh what exercise can offer, you can combine other methods of coping as well. Consult your doctor for the best methods specific to your situation.

Let's make this fall and winter an active, fun and productive one. It is all about your attitude and of course, putting one foot in front of the other and exercising. Do the work, enjoy the benefits!