Pedaling to Success: Q&A With Jim Smith

Posted On Sep 11, 2014 By BowFlex Insider Team

How a Schwinn 170 changed Jim Smith's life

In 2012, Schwinn customer Jim Smith decided that it was time for a change. With great dedication — and a little creativity — Smith challenged himself to pedal the distance between Tampa and Seattle from his Florida living room, mapping out his first "virtual journey" on his blog Jim's Trek. Since then, he has pedaled a combined 12,091.5 miles on his Schwinn® 170 bike — and even beat diabetes along the way. The BowFlex Insider Team had these questions for Jim and his Schwinn success:

Why did you choose a Schwinn as your go-to fitness equipment?

At the time, I was being "nicely" hounded by my doctors that it was time for me to think about getting back to some sort of exercise or cardio routine. I started researching stationary cycles, which of course included the Schwinn varieties. I figured that if I could set up a stationary cycle in my home, and commit myself to at least 9 miles a day, I could get the exercise done, get my doctors off my back, and save the money and effort of joining a neighborhood gym.

How has your Schwinn bike helped you reach your fitness goals?

Creating a virtual trek from Tampa to Seattle, I committed to keeping records of my daily stats — miles, calories burned and weight loss. Also, I decided to include my daily fasting blood sugar count. Did I forget to mention? I was diagnosed diabetic years ago.

Working with my endocrinologist, I decided to reduce the strength of my diabetes medication. After more than a year of my exercise program, my diabetes is under control, and I am not taking any medication.I have reduced my waist measurement by about 12 inches. I have also lowered my BMI. I sleep more soundly and am more relaxed.

What is your favorite part about your Schwinn 170 bike?

My first Schwinn Fitness cycle was the Schwinn 150. I was amazed at how much sleeker and stylish the 170 looked. The electronic panel is much clearer and more user-friendly. And the improved seat is definitely a bonus.

What other healthy changes have you made in your daily life?

In addition to cycling about 21 miles a day, I do 200 sit-ups (five days week) and take my four dogs for a daily walk.

How do you motivate yourself to stay active?

By seeing and experiencing my results. The virtual trek, like my current trek through the Outback of Australia, is definitely a way to keep any boredom at bay. After committing to a daily regime, I continue to write my daily blog, Jim's Trek, and record my successes and virtual journey.

What is your guilty pleasure food?

Homemade scalloped potatoes. I just can't get enough of them!

What does fitness mean to you?

It is a positive change of direction.

What tips could you offer folks started on their fitness goals?

  1. Set an overall goal without a deadline. If it takes longer than expected, it takes longer than expected.
  2. Set intermediate and small goals. The small goals help enhance the journey.
  3. Work with your doctors, if necessary. At least keep them informed and involved.