Royal Wedding Fitness Tips: How to Lose Weight for the Big Day

Posted On May 16, 2018 By Rachel Weingarten & Andrew Dahlquist

Wedding workout tips

As the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle draws ever closer, watchers have been inundated with every detail leading up to their big day. In fact, it has been widely reported that both Prince Harry and Meghan have been hitting the gym hard in advance of their nuptials.

The internet has gone mad for discovering the fitness tips, tricks, and secrets used to get in royal-ready shape for such a camera-heavy spectacle. The sheer amount of search results surrounding the event is astounding, with the "royal wedding fitness" search term returning thousands of results. Whether fact or fiction, there is an overwhelming amount of articles out there claiming to have answers for how many hours a week Meghan runs, vs. how many hours she practices yoga, and what bad habits Prince Harry has kicked to get in shape, vs. what he's been eating to drop those last few pounds.

If you're planning your own trip down the aisle and are looking for diet, exercise, and wellness tips fit for a King (or Queen), combing through millions of articles can be a royal pain in the you know what.

Instead, we've aimed to make it easy for you. Consider these five awesome tips, and you'll be well on your way to your own royal wedding (tiara and horse-drawn carriage optional).

  1. Give yourself time. Research tell us that lack of time is the #1 barrier to working out. That's why giving yourself enough calendar days in advance of the wedding will not only provide more opportunity to reach your fitness goals, it will drastically reduce your stress levels.
  2. Have a realistic plan. Planning for a wedding can be chaotic; workouts don't need to be. In fact, with enough form and structure behind your fitness routine, you'll begin to think of your workouts as the one thing you have complete control over! Set small, specific goals, stay consistent, believe in the process, and most importantly, believe in yourself.
  3. Eliminate processed foods and refined carbohydrates or sugar from your diet. Irena Meletiou, Strong by Zumba Master Trainer advises sticking with lots of colorful veggies, fresh fruits, and foods high in protein. She also advises increasing foods that are loaded with good fats, since in her opinion, substituting good fat for processed carbohydrates is key.
  4. Implement High Intensity workouts in your fitness schedule. If you love your at-home workout routine but are not hitting your goals, try switching it up with a fast run or dance class. Meletiou likes the idea of combining elements like body weight training, high cardio, and active recovery bouts which can help you get faster results if combined with a balanced nutrition plan.
  5. Get enough sleep. Meletiou also reminds us that our bodies need rest to function well. She says "7-9 hours of sleep is highly recommended for the body to function in a healthy way and have energy to stay strong the next day." Especially if it's your big day!

Does it sound too simple to be true? Absolutely, but it's not. The best and simplest way to prepare both the mind and body for a big event is a solid plan you can stick to, clean, healthy eating, exercise, and plenty of rest. Treat your body like a palace, and the royal results will follow!