How to Restart and Revamp Your New Year's Resolution

Posted On Feb 8, 2017 By Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

How to Restart and Revamp Your New Year Resolution

A month into the New Year and you're already off track. You've failed again. Might as well wait until next year, right? Or maybe just quit trying. Wrong! This might be an even better time to implement changes, no matter what your desired result. Whether it's weight loss, getting stronger and faster, or eating healthier, take your set-backs and learn from your mistakes. I've applies the rules above to one of my New Year's resolutions, to improve my work time management and home organization.

Don't have black and white ultimatums and expectations

Get rid of the all or nothing mindset and work towards making forward progress. This is all you, or anyone, can ask of yourself. Baby steps, although small, are still steps in the right direction.

Have the right tools in place

Do you have everything you need to be successful? Do you need a meal plan, healthy recipes, and grocery shopping list? Do you need a workout plan? Or would a change in your environment help? For instance, moving your Max Trainer in front of a TV or laying out workout clothes the night before so you're ready to go in the morning.

Be realistic

Maybe you want to lose 20 lbs in a month. There's nothing wrong with being ambitious and determined but remind yourself that change takes time. There's no harm in having smaller or longer-term goals that achieve the same end result.

Share your goals

Accountability works wonders for staying on track. Share your goals with a friend, significant other, co-worker, or health professional and let them know how they can be helpful and supportive. Be specific in order to get the help and accountability you need. For example, tell your friend to ask you once a week about your goals or share your workout plan with your spouse. Have them check up on you throughout the week.

Get support

Join an online accountability group, start going to a group exercise class, or pay for professional guidance from a trainer or dietitian to get the support you need to be successful. Going at it alone isn't fun!

Continue to assess your goals, progress, and plan. Change as needed in order to reach your goals and be successful long-term!

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