Quick Holiday Glam

Posted On Dec 15, 2015 By Rachel Weingarten

Quick Holiday Glam

I love the idea of parties - it's just the reality that sometimes seems less thrilling. After a day of deadlines, emails and catch up, the thought of heading out for a night of socializing sometimes seems a bit overwhelming. And then there's the colder weather, which makes me extremely cranky and less inclined to socialize.

I've come up with a quick cure for the holiday party blahs - lazy grooming! I'm not kidding. While I still love primping and prepping for the big holiday 'dos, I take an entirely different approach to the less fun ones.

  1. Start the day with some over the top accents

    Want a really quick way to be dressed for a party? Plan your outfit in advance, and then top up the glitz. If an LBD is still your holiday go-to, wear it covered with a cardigan or jacket at work. Before you head out, swap it out for a shimmery shawl and festive shoes and you're almost ready to go.

  2. Add one major element to your beauty routine

    Known for your neutral look? Add a deep plum lip or frosty eyeshadow for a beauty accent. Wear your hair down or up most days? Try the reverse when you're heading out to a party.

  3. Pack an extra bag

    I wish I remembered who gave me this tip so that I could give them proper credit, but alas, I cannot. When heading out after work, pack your essentials in a cute clutch bag and then drop it in your work tote. Just before heading out, shed the klutzy bag for the cute one and you're good to go.

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