Fit Tip Thursday: Pushing Through Your Plateau

Posted On Aug 20, 2015 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday: Pushing Through Your Plateau

Almost every person who has worked out for an extended period of time has experienced it - the dreaded "plateau." Simply put, the plateau is the incredibly frustrating point in time when you are still exercising, yet you have stopped seeing results. It is one of the primary reasons people stop exercising, and understandably so. Why would anyone want to continue to work hard at something with no noticeable payoff?

There are also those people who hit the plateau and remain stuck there, while still continuing to exercise. These are the vast majority of people you see in the gym and exercising outside who never seem to change in any meaningful way, yet they still are consistent and stick with their program.

My job is to help people change their bodies and their lives through fitness, getting the greatest rewards from their efforts. No one needs to experience the plateau - It can be avoided completely by just following a simple process:

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