Fit Tip Thursday: Post-workout Nutrition

Posted On Dec 11, 2014 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday: Post-workout Nutrition

When it comes to getting in shape and being the healthiest we can be, exercise is only one part of the puzzle. While most people know that nutrition plays a huge role as well, many don't realize that it's not simply what we eat that's important, but when we eat as well.

Known as "nutrient-timing" and the "metabolic-window," there are in fact certain optimal times to take in nutrients to maximize the effects of exercise. One of these "windows" is the time right after your workout – roughly 30 minutes or so. The body is better able to make use of the nutrients the sooner you take them in post-workout, with the "metabolic window" slowly closing the longer you wait.

Not only is the body primed to assimilate the nutrients right after you exercise, but research also indicates that refueling afterwards can lead to taking in less calories later in the day.

Rushed for time? A great post-workout option is a protein shake to help rebuild lean muscle and promote satiety. I often pack one in my gym bag so I can have it immediately after completing my workout. Here are a few other post-workout nutrition tips:

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