Pilates Secret Weapon Series: Target The Core!

Posted On Aug 6, 2014 By Erika Quest


In this video blog post, I'm introducing you to the "Secret Weapon" series. In these videos, I'll be taking an everyday, inexpensive item you likely have lying around your house and applying a functional fitness/Pilates sequence to that item. In this episode, we'll be using a 99-cent child's play ball to target the core.

First, we'll discuss the placement of the small ball in the spine and critical things you should NOT be feeling. Then, we'll start in on the core sequence with the following:

  • Chest Stretch/Spine Flexion
  • Core Stability/Shoulder Mobility

I'll then give you a moment of active recovery before we begin to up the ante with:

  • Chest Lift
  • Chest Lift + Rotation
  • Single Leg Stretch

Finally, we'll move the small ball to the neck area and experience:

  • Double Leg Stretch
  • Single Leg Stretch

While truly integrating the core and deepening your Pilates repetitions by applying the breath, this sequence is sure to make you feel a little shaky in a great way! You can feel free to add more repetitions in as you gain strength from doing this regularly, but make sure you're still paying close attention to the quality of the repetitions and the flow of the exercises vs. rushing through each movement. As you'll see, it's all about the quality vs. the quantity.

Here's to "playing ball" in a different way!