Fun Partner Workout with Alternating Exercises

Posted On Jul 21, 2016 By Tom Holland

Fun Partner Workout with Alternating Exercises

One main reason group exercise classes exist is that working out with other people can be both fun and motivating. Exercising by yourself can often be boring, which can mean that you are less likely to do it, you won't enjoy it as much and you won't work out as long as when you do it with others.

This obviously doesn't mean that you shouldn't exercise on your own, just that you should mix it up every now and again. You don't need to do it with a large group or even go to a gym for that matter, either: All you need is one person to work out with to make it different and fun.

I really love this particular type of two-person workout that we've put together in the video below: You trade off choosing what exercise the other one will do, alternating back-and-forth. You can go by repetitions or by time intervals and decide whether you want the workout to be a certain number of exercises or simply a set amount of time:

In this video each person does three bodyweight exercises of either 10 repetitions each or for a duration of 10 seconds, depending on the exercise. They include: pop squats, alternating forward lunges, mountain climbers, push-ups, burpees, and double knee touches. These are just a few of the different exercise you can use in this type of workout. There are many, many more out there that you can use to create a workout like this.

So grab a partner and create your own unique workout, having fun choosing what exercises you make each other do!

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