It's the Journey, Not the Destination: One Woman's 150-Pound Journey

Posted On Oct 15, 2014 By BowFlex Insider Team

How Dawn Lost 150 Pounds Using a TreadClimber

Meet Dawn: Mother of three pitbulls, outdoor adventurer and machine manufacturer. Her personal fitness story is quite unique. However, the real story is not where she ended, but rather where she started.

"It's about being comfortable in your own skin," she said.

Dawn began her weight loss journey three years ago when her husband asked her to go on a cruise and she said no. "I wasn't going on a cruise weighing 300 pounds," she confessed.

She struggled with weight loss her entire life and realized that she had to do something.

But the problem wasn't only finding the motivation, but finding the right exercise for her body.

"I tried going to the gym, but I couldn't make myself go because I wasn't comfortable being in front of people," said Dawn.

In a last ditch effort, Dawn decided to try something at home. She bought a BowFlex TreadClimber and changed her diet. While in the beginning she only exercised once a week, Dawn continued to increase her efforts and immediately saw results reflected beyond the pounds on the scale.

"It wasn't just the weight loss, but my increase in energy as well," said Dawn.

Losing 150 pounds, Dawn said that she not only improved her physical appearance, but her confidence also came back.

"I had been overweight since I hit puberty—it's something I struggled with my whole life," she shared.

After losing the weight, Dawn started doing the activities she always wanted to, but never thought she could. She participated in a fundraiser for cancer and went to the amusement park with her niece (and actually rode on the rides)—her entire view of not wanting to be in public changed.

And it did not stop there. While she enjoyed activities like snowmobiling and quading before, Dawn also found new joys in life, such as hiking.

All and all, what kept Dawn going on her journey? Perseverance.