One Bright Thing

Posted On Mar 21, 2016 By Rachel Weingarten

One Bright Thing

I don't know about you, but the second the weather starts to warm up, I want to shed all trappings of winter and dive full-steam ahead into spring. Only the reality is that unless you live in a really warm place, spring takes a bit longer to arrive than we'd like. For that reason, transitioning is a great style move - even in your workout gear. Instead of diving headfirst into skimpier wear, try adding one bright element to your existing wardrobe. It's a gentle way to segue from one season to the next and also allow you time to decide which looks are must-haves and which are simply unnecessary impulse buys.

  • Light Tights: Whether it's your running tights or the opaque hose paired with your same old skirt, a pair of brightly hued tights can add a bit of sunshine to your ordinary outfit. I love the idea of crocheted over the knee socks since they look flirtier than hose and still keep you warmer than bare legs.
  • A Pop for your Pout: If the holiday season is all about the smoky eye, springtime seems to be the time for pink lips (and cheeks, but try to be light-handed with your application techniques). Make sure that your lips are flake free before applying and play around with anything from bright fuchsia to a subtle sheer gloss.
  • Cover Up: If it's still cold where you live, consider swapping out your heavy winter scarf for an open weave wrap in a soft turquoise or ocean blue.
  • Bright Bags: If you're a handbag aficionado, consider investing in a boldly colored or patterned tote. In this way you'll ease into spring, without sacrificing the need for continued warmth.

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