On-trend and Radiant in Orchid

Posted On Feb 4, 2014 By Rachel Weingarten

Radiant Orchid is new color for 2014

I've heard that people in the Midwest refer to this time of year as "The Gray Season," and I can see why. In much of the country the weather is dark and dreary, and it can feel hard to get motivated to do much of anything, much less to stick to your exercise regimen.

If you're looking for some ways to add some zing to your days (and workout), maybe it's time to add some color to your workout. Pantone, the international color authority, has declared that Radiant Orchid is the color of the year for 2014. If you're one of those people who wears black to exercise in the hopes that it makes you look slimmer, consider this – adding a burst of color could be more flattering, since it distracts people from the parts that make you most self-conscious. And adding a subtle pop of color near your face during those makeup-free times will make you glow more while working up a sweat.

Some fun ways to incorporate Radiant Orchid to your workout gear:

  • If you're a shrinking violet and not about to add such a bold color to your wardrobe, try adding hints of color and building from there. A headband in a lavender or purplish shade will keep the hair out of your eyes and add some color without makeup.
  • Try adding a color splash with socks in a bright purple, a Radiant Orchid tank top (which you can wear under a darker tank for a contrasting look) or even really bright sneakers.
  • If you do wear makeup to work out, try a sheer gloss in an orchid or lavender tint.
  •  If it's time for a new yoga bag or gym bag, consider one with a trendy accent in a purple variation.

You don't have to wear top-to-toe color to look of the moment!