Fit Tip Thursday: The No-Equipment Butt Blaster

Posted On Jan 15, 2015 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday No-Equipment Butt Blaster

I don't care who you are: male or female, young or old, Kim Kardashian or J-Lo-we all may not want to admit it, but having a sculpted butt is something we'd all like to have.

The great news is that there are simple, no-equipment exercises you can do to sculpt and strengthen your butt at the same time. Here are a few simple yet extremely effective no-equipment butt-blasting exercises:

Having a strong, sculpted butt is not just about vanity, either. Thanks to technology and the insane amount of time we spend sitting every day, our glutes have been getting progressively weaker and weaker. This weakness can lead to a whole host of compensatory lower-body injuries, especially during exercise.

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