New Year's Resolutions: The Two Missing Links

Posted On Jan 2, 2014 By Tim Arndt, Resistance Training Specialist

New Year's Resolutions success

It's no secret that New Year's resolutions fail far more often than they succeed. We are told that we need to set goals in order to succeed, so we set a new goal each year … and still fail.

A goal is not enough. There's more you need to know and are not being told. Here are the missing links that, if followed, will guarantee that you never have to set another weight-loss resolution again.

Link #1: Make Your Goal Relevant!

We tend to get too caught up in achieving the goal and fail to find what it is that truly motivates us to want to reach that goal. Sure, losing the pounds and inches and looking better is great, but why? What will it do for you? How is it going to change your life? What effect will it have on the people around you and your loved ones? If you can't answer these questions then you will, once again, fail to reach your goal. That is a promise!

Nobody can tell you what your motivation is. You have to feel it. It's something deep inside you that drives you. Motivation leads to action. This is known as implicit motivation.

Think about it this way …

Let's say you were stranded in the desert with no water. You've been there for a day or two and you're really getting thirsty. Actually, you're dying of thirst. Your mouth is so dry that your tongue is sticking to the inside of your cheeks and you can hardly swallow. All you can think about is water, and you will do anything to get it. The goal is to get the heck out of that desert and get some water, but that isn't what drives you. What drives you is your thirst and not wanting to die! See the difference?

But it doesn't stop there. There's still a problem …

Link #2: Commit to the Process!

Nobody is ever motivated 100 percent of the time. Unfortunately motivation comes and goes; it's fleeting. There is good news: if you lose it, it will likely come back at some point. But you never know when that time will come, and you will once again fail your resolution if you wait for it to come back.

So what keeps you going when your motivation runs out? That's where commitment comes in. Commitment is when you still make the decisions to do what you know you must do in order to succeed.

By definition, motivation sparks us to take action. Commitment sustains it.

Think about it, are you always motivated to go to work? Probably not. But you go anyway (if you're smart) because you know it's what needs to be done in order to pay your bills, feed your family and succeed at your job.

Take the same approach with your health. Stick to your plan not because you're always motivated to but because it's what needs to be done to reach your goal and forever change your life!

Motivation is great, but don't count on it to sustain you. Commit to the process and be motivated by your commitment.

Don't let a lack of motivation make you fail your New Year's resolutions this year. Stop setting goals that have no relevance.

Make this year different. Find out why you want to improve your health and commit to the process. If you do this, you will also find that staying committed is what also allows your motivation to come back.