The Perfect Workout Partner

Posted On Sep 30, 2013 By Bowflex Insider Team


There is a reason why MyFitnessPal has more than 40 million users. The company has mastered the relationship between fitness, community, technology, accountability and achieving an overall healthy lifestyle.

Similar to MyFitnessPal, our parent company, Nautilus, Inc. continuously strives to provide the best fitness products to help anyone achieve their fitness goals. And when the idea came up to integrate the user's calorie burn on the new designs of the Schwinn® cardio products with MyFitnessPal it was the perfect partnership. Now users will be able to view their fitness progress in conjunction with their diet and be better equipped to make active and healthy decisions

It's that perfect blend of connectivity and technology that MyFitnessPal is known for and is changing the way we develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Q: MyFitnessPal has become immensely popular with millions of users. What's your secret?

MFP: Our secret sauce truly is our users. We're excited to be their partner in success, but they're the ones really doing the work. We've built a simple product that fits seamlessly into our users' lives and best of all, it works. They're meeting and exceeding their goals and that keeps people coming back.

Q: It's hard to ignore the impact of technology on fitness today. What technology do you think has had the greatest impact on health and fitness?

MFP: Overall access to more and more information than ever before is what's so exciting. Whether you're tracking with apps, sensors or other connected devices, we have access to more data and insights than ever. Simply being aware of our health and wellness on this level is making a huge impact. The more we know, the better decisions we can help people make.

Q: Health and fitness tracking has become increasingly popular? Why do you think this is?

MFP: Quite simply, because it works! Our users alone have shed more than 100 million pounds globally. Consumers today are craving this information and it's easier than ever to stay informed. New technologies like MyFitnessPal are making tracking something that people can actually maintain vs. the old pen and paper method. Plus, these new tools can actually capture the data and give you better access to your information which can lead to more effective behavioral changes. These are all things that were far more difficult just a few years ago.

Q: How important is tracking activity?

MFP: It's key to making lifestyle changes as opposed to fad workouts and crash diets. There's no one program that's right for everyone, but the basic elements remain the same: calories in vs. calories out. We help take the guesswork out of tracking for our users and help them stick to their goals whatever they may be. We have folks from all walks of life and tracking helps them lower their cholesterol, lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle and more.

Q: Are people who track their activities more successful?

MFP: We've seen from our users, that those that track more regularly are in fact more successful. It becomes a part of their daily life and they're less likely to stray from their program. We've got users who have logged in every day for years. Their commitment and resulting success is what drives us to create a great product.

Q: What would be your advice for someone just getting started on their fitness journey?

MFP:Take it one day at a time; it's as easy as that. The quantified-self movement is in full swing, but it's not for everyone. Taking just one step towards being more aware of your health and wellness will yield impressive results. Simply being more aware of what you're eating and what you're burning can cause you to make far better choices when it comes to your daily health.