How to be Positive When the Going Gets Rough: Part 2

Posted On Sep 27, 2013 By Bowflex Insider Team

motivational quotes for when the going gets rough

Last month we posted an article with tips from health and fitness gurus on how to stay positive and motivated when faced with hard times. So this month, we thought we'd share with you more words of wisdom to help you get through one of those days.

Olivia Cunningham

"Mental health is just as important as physical health. To stay positive in difficult situations, I suggest turning to friends, faith, and service. Sometimes looking for joy and goodness in the little things provides enough positive energy to give your mood a boost." - Olivia Cunningham, Writer of The Positive Energy Group

Mike Clancy

"See the end at the beginning. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and bombarded when stressed. The trick is to look ahead and know that no matter how difficult the situation, it's all temporary. Remind yourself of the end-date and build your confidence that things will get better in the near future."Mike Clancy, certified nutritionist and trainer

Sylvia Hall

“The mind is the most powerful tool at your disposal. One can easily learn which foods to eat and the best exercises to do, but who teaches us of the power of our mind? Thought training is the most critical element of success, no matter what your goals. Learn to really flex your brain (which is actually an organ and not a muscle!) and the rest of your goals will follow suit.” - Sylvia Hall, body image specialist who inspires confidence & a smokin' hot mindset

Joe Vennare

“Anyone who achieves success persists beyond the point where someone else has given up. There is no secret to success other than unwavering commitment to your dreams and persistence.” - Joe Vennare, Co-founder of Hybrid Athlete

Frank Niles

"When times get tough, we can't force ourselves to be positive. Optimism is not a matter of the will. It is a byproduct of purpose."Frank Niles, Behavioral scientist, adventure athlete, executive coach and speaker

David Bakke

"The best way to remain positive is to get more exercise. You may not be able to control the negative events in your life, but you can control your health. Losing weight or getting in better shape can provide you with that little motivational boost you need to keep your head up and keep on trying."David Bakke, Editor at Money Crashers Personal Finance

Paula Stephens

“When things get tough, often a good night's sleep and extra rest and recovery for a couple days can reset your motivation. Extra rest and sleep give your body time to completely repair itself, and the increase in physical energy will do wonders for your mood and motivation!” - Paula Stephens, M.A. , Human Performance Professor at Metro State University in Denver, Certified Wellness Coach and Yogini