Get Your Summer Body Now!

Posted On Feb 7, 2014 By Tom Holland

Get your summer body now

The saying among fitness professionals is simple: "Summer bodies are made during the winter." Unfortunately what happens for the vast majority of people is that their fitness plan falls by the wayside during the colder months. When the temperature drops, so does our motivation level. We go into hibernation mode. Sure, it's harder to exercise when it's cold out – that's why so few people achieve their goal of getting in shape for the summer.

Then comes the first warm day in spring that smacks us awake and reminds us that shorts and bathing suit season is right around the corner. We start dieting and exercising feverishly in the hopes of finally achieving the beach body we've always wanted.

But it's too late.

By the time that first magazine arrives in the mailbox with the cover screaming out "Get Your Summer Body Now!" and that unseasonably warm day hits, we need to have been well into your winter workout program to achieve our goal. We actually need to be "peaking" at that point, just a few weeks away from hitting our goal weight. If we start that late, our best hope is to possibly achieve our beach bodies by Labor Day, right when the days are getting shorter and the shorts and sleeves are getting longer.

So take my advice and start NOW. Today. Make this the summer that you are finally proud of the body you have achieved. The sooner you start, the easier it is to achieve your goal. You have months, not weeks to make big changes. Small changes spread out over more time is the secret to summer body success.

So buy that piece of home exercise equipment you have been on the fence about purchasing. Take that boxing class at the gym that you have been afraid to try out. Grab a few friends and create a home workout group. Clean the junk out of your refrigerator and start making healthier food choices each day. Put a picture of the body you'd like to achieve right on the refrigerator, something that will both inspire you and remind you of the goal you are trying to achieve.

In other words, enact changes now so you can reap the rewards in a few months. Forget about the years past where you didn't achieve your goal of getting in shape for the summer. This is your year. This is the summer you will feel great about all the work you did in the winter and the body you achieved for the summer.

Believe in yourself!