Maximize Your Success with 4 Brain-Boosting Tools

Posted On Nov 3, 2015 By Joel Harper

Maximize Your Success with 4 Brain-Boosting Tools

Each of these tools will help you develop the skills needed to maximize success in all areas of your life.

  1. Writing

    The act of putting pen to paper is something most of us do every day, from making a simple grocery list, putting a reminder or message on a sticky note, to keeping a daily food diary, journal or exercise log. Writing can help you clarify your thoughts, remember what you did yesterday, and help you get done what you need to accomplish today. Putting your goals into a journal takes commitment. Even if it is private, it stills keeps you accountable because writing by hand taps into complex neural pathways.

  2. Meditating

    A little dose of doing nothing each day helps improve impulse control, self-awareness, self-control, and stress management. Meditation is the act of focusing on an anchor (often the breath, but also sights, sounds, activities, and so on) and releasing attachment to thoughts, feelings, and distractions. It's a simple practice, but not always easy. Making the time for yourself is the key. You are worth it.

  3. Visualization

    Visualizing is like previewing directions in Google Maps before driving to a new location. After you've looked at the route, it is easier to find the actual place because you've mentally practiced driving there. Using your imagination to walk through various scenarios does the same thing. Visualizing yourself succeeding at something you'd like to do - losing weight, running a marathon, effortlessly passing up tempting treats - is rehearsing the situation in your mind.

  4. Self Reflection

    This is a tool you have inside your brain that allows you to process and evaluate experiences that result from the outside world combined with your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. This tool teaches you to be, in a very real sense, your own coach. Using self-reflection means being able to look at your life from a distance to see what change is needed and what patterns are keeping you from your goals. Practicing this will hone your own motivator. Each of us has the ability to tap an internal wisdom that will guide you to the answers that are right for you, and self-reflection is how you tap this inner wisdom.

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