Making the Most of Your Summer

Posted On Jul 24, 2020 By BowFlex Insider Team

A person and a dog in a car.

The sun is shining and the temperature is rising – summer is here. However, this year, the fun that summer brings is no longer a sure thing. With many summer vacations, concerts, and weddings on hold, it is normal to feel upset about the current situation. While summer may be different this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t make most of the season.

Now’s the time to get creative and reinvent how this summer will look. Here are a few fun activities to do this summer and stay safe along the way:

Camp in Your Backyard

Tent set up in backyard.

Even with some campgrounds remaining closed, the experience of sleeping outside under the stars is still an option. Set up your tent and sleeping bag in your yard (or living room) and make some s’mores to accompany your camping experience! Miss the sound of frogs in the lake and crickets in the grass? Have your speaker play nature sounds to make the experience feel more authentic.

Socially Distant Pool Party

above ground pool in a backyard

You may not be able to hit the pool with your friends, but what you can do is bring the pool to your home. Grab some large kiddie pools and place them six feet apart from each other – voila you have a socially distant pool party. Each person gets their own pool at a safe distance, while staying cool in the summer sun. Don’t forget the sunblock!

Go on a Day Trip

Gas is cheap and traffic is light – the perfect excuse for taking a road trip. Drive up a coastal highway or through the mountains – wherever you fancy. Even if it’s just for a day, this is an opportunity to break your cabin fever, enjoy some fresh air with a socially distanced picnic, and go on an adventure!

Quaranchella Anyone?

A person watching a movie in a backyard

Break out your sun hats and sunblock, and build a set list for your self-made music festival. Lots of artists have videos of previous concerts available online, so set up an outdoor projector to spend the day listening, dancing and enjoying your favorite artists in a new way. It may seem silly, but recreating your favorite concert and festival experiences with family or a few friends will be something you’ll never forget.