Making New Traditions this Holiday Season

Posted On Nov 23, 2020 By BowFlex Insider Team

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The holiday season is upon on and the reality is that traditions around the world will look very different this year. What used to historically be the busiest travel season in the United States, will give way to new family traditions and celebrations as we adjust to the holidays during a pandemic.

Adapting to today’s new normal is no easy task. While this moment presents some new challenges, it is also an opportunity to create new holiday traditions. Here are a few fun traditions to consider while staying safe along the way:

Outdoor Gatherings: The CDC recommends considering the location, duration and number of people at a holiday gathering beforehand. With this in mind, planning ahead is essential. Consider hosting an outdoor gathering with heat lamps so that family can stay safe at a distance. Think of this as a fresh new way to be connected to nature and celebrate with family and friends.

Snow Sports & Hobbies: Given you’ll likely have a bit more free time this holiday season, consider picking up a new hobby such as snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, or snowshoeing. These are all outdoor activities that can be enjoyed at a safe distance with family and friends.

Take a Time Out: So often, especially during the holidays, we are selfless. Since 2020 has been a whirlwind, you owe it to yourself to take a step back, remove yourself from the hustle, and focus in on what you need. Make a new tradition of putting yourself first by catching up on sleep or meditating. More than ever, we need to take care of ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally.

Find New Ways to Stay Active: It goes without saying that we all struggle to find time during the holidays for a long workout. However, this year might be a chance to change that as well as your daily workout regime. Look for new ways to stay active that don’t have to take you away from family and friends, like going on a walk outside, dancing to your favorite holiday jams, or even having the ultimate snowball fight.

Find Ways to Give Back: If anything, 2020 has made us all grateful and thankful. Typically during the holiday season, we become so wrapped up in material things that we lose sight of the point. The extra time we have allows us to focus in on what matters and offers the opportunity to give back where we can; contributing to the true meaning of the holiday season.

Take Advantage of Technology: If you can’t be in person, make the best of the situation by jumping on the phone, Zoom or FaceTime to connect with family and friends. Make a plan with extended family to have a virtual get-together. You can have family from all around the world in one place – which is the beauty of technology.

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