6 Tips to Make Your Workouts Count

Posted On Jan 21, 2015 By Joel Harper

6 Tips to Make Your Workouts Count

We all have "pros" and "cons" when it comes to our own bodies. Some are real, and some are just in our heads. No matter where along the spectrum you are, you can do your best to have more "pros" by following these 6 tips to make your workouts count:

  1. Plan

    Always go into your workout with a plan. You are the master. Showing up is great, but take it to the next level and make sure your workout is designed with your specific goals in mind. Want to tone your triceps? Make sure you know the best exercises to do just that.

  2. Burn

    In order to accomplish any sort of change in your muscles, you are going to have to be comfortable with this. The more you can stick to and dive into the burn, the quicker you can see results. I work on a number scale with my clients: 1 (easy) all the way to 10 (hard). In order to get results, every exercise should be burning at a 9 or a 10. Don't stop until you get to this point.

  3. Variety

    Mix it up. When it comes to muscle growth, it is paramount to embrace change. Every exercise and every workout should be different. Don't to the same thing over and over just because you are comfortable with it. This is not using your time wisely. Learn exercises you have never done before. It is not only good for your muscles, but it is good for your mind as well.

  4. Angle

    Work your muscles from every angle. Just by twisting your hands differently, turning your toes, or lifting your legs higher, you can tweak your movements so you challenge your muscles to grow. Find ways to make an old favorite more unique.

  5. Rest

    We have all heard it, but do you practice it? Never, ever, work the same muscle day in and day out. They need time to repair and rebuild, or else you could risk injury and setbacks. Give your muscles the appropriate time and fuel they need to maximize the gains from your planning, burning, angling and variety of exercises!

  6. Trainer

    This is a must, even if you only do it once every six months. I don't care how much you know about fitness. It is great to get outside of your head and routine. Search out the best one at your gym, and be very specific with them so that you use your time and money wisely.