Make Spring Cleaning Your Workout

Posted On Apr 17, 2017 By Linda Melone

Make Spring Cleaning Your Workout

Spring flowers, warm weather and sunshine can only mean one thing: time to get in shape for the beach. Problem is, it’s also time to clean out the garage, put away winter clothes and do a bunch of other unpleasant activities you’d rather ignore. Why not combine the two and get the best of both worlds? Get in shape as you spring clean! Done and done.

It’s a matter of changing your mindset from, “Wow, this is serious drudgery,” to “If I engage my core muscles I can make this into circuit training and burn a few calories at the same time.” See the difference? One makes you miserable and the other makes you fit and happy.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Clean out the closet squats

Stand in front of the closet you’d like to rearrange. Do a squat for each piece of clothing you’re either putting in storage or otherwise moving. Keep the storage box on one side of you and squat as you fold up the item and return to standing as you put the item in its rightful place. On normal days this also works when loading up and/or emptying the dishwasher.

Floor mopping abs

Skip the ab wheel and get the same killer workout by using hand towels to clean up the floor. Get on all fours on the floor with a large rag under both hands. Engage your abs as you slide forward on your knees into an extended plank, then use your abs to pull you back to your starting position. Repeat until your floor is clean or your abs give out.

Vacuum lunges

Perk up those glutes by using the vacuum cleaner as a prop: Hold on the vacuum cleaner handle with one hand as you step forward and lunge on to one leg. Your front leg should form a right angle; keep your ankle under your knee as you lower your opposite leg behind you. Keep abs engaged throughout the movement. Not recommended with Roombas.

Trashy curls

Before you unload those bags of garbage and unneeded clothing, pause and do a set of 12 to 15 reps while holding the load. Resistance is resistance, whether it’s SelectTech Dumbbells, a barbell, a trash bag or container of milk. Body by Hefty.

Run the stairs

Use caution with this one and make sure you have a free hand to catch yourself if you trip… Gather short stacks of clothes, towels or other items you need to get upstairs, tuck them under your arm and race up the stairs; drop your package and walk back down. Repeat until everything you’d like upstairs is up there.

That's all it takes to spring clean your way fit!

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