Make Every Season Your Season

Posted On Apr 15, 2015 By Rachel Weingarten

Make Every Season Your Season

Every few years the notion of finding out your season becomes popular; and women and men seek out beauty or fashion consultants to tell them if they favor spring hues or should stick to fall or summer.

But after what feels like an endless winter for much of the Northeast and beyond, one wonders if it's ever necessary to choose a single season to shine? What if we could figure out some way to look or more importantly feel better no matter the season or weather?

To that end, I'm going to try an experiment this spring. I'm going to make a conscious effort to embrace every single day as being the best day - rain or shine, or allergy weather, or any other surprise that Mother Nature might come up with. A few pick-me-up anytime ideas include:

  • Trying to find at least one amazing thing in every day. I'm betting that even the worst day contains a single memorable element. Bad day at work? Well, what about that comforting hug when you walked in the door from your significant other or cuddle from your pet? Unconditional love is an amazing gift no matter what came before.
  • On rainy days I'm going to try to think about all of the flowers grateful for a drink instead of cursing at my soggy shoes. And on too sunny days, I'll try to think about all of the snow and doom and gloom of the previous months.

In other words, I'm not going to become an across the board "Pollyanna" type, but I will try to appreciate each day for what it brings. I still might favor late September over early August, but I wonder if trying to appreciate every day, no matter what, will make each day slightly better.

What tips or ideas do you have for appreciating every day? Use the comments section below to tell us.