Lighter Gridiron Fare

Posted On Sep 17, 2014 By Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

Lighter Gridiron Fare - Game Day Recipe: Boneless Buffalo Wings

Just because football season is in full swing doesn't mean you need to eat like a 300 lb. linebacker while cheering on your team. Don't undo all of your workouts and eating healthy during the week in a few hours relaxing on the couch on Sunday or Monday or Thursday or whenever it might be! Between wings, beer, chips and dip, calories can pile up quickly. While the recipes below are a collection of healthier lower-calorie alternatives, portion size is still the most important component of staying on track during football season. This applies to beverages too. Don't forget to keep soda and beer in check!

Boneless Buffalo Wings
Ranch Dip & Vegetables
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Catching the game at a friend's house, restaurant or bar? Here are a few more tips:

  • Only bring 1-2 beers or whatever your drink of choice is to a friend's house. This will automatically keep your alcohol servings at a healthy number.
  • Keep your empty bottle or can around instead of throwing it away immediately after finishing as a constant reminder of your portions.
  • Only drink and eat during the first quarter. Stick with water or iced tea during the remainder of the game.
  • After mealtime or one serving of snacks, chew on a piece of gum to eliminate the temptation to continue munching.
  • Get in a longer, higher-intensity workout. Not just to burn a few extra calories, but typically the harder you work out the higher your willpower will be to turn away extra food and drinks.