How To Learn the Language of Fitness

Posted On Jan 16, 2018 By BowFlex Insider Team

How To Learn the Language of Fitness

Fitness can be confusing. Between the different workout machines, latest trendy classes, exercises and best practices, it can be hard to get a grasp on the basics. Throw in all of the gym lingo and fitness terms people regularly use and working out can seem like another language. If you're new to fitness and looking for some guidance, we're here to help.

Learn these must-know words and phrases and you'll sound like a fitness pro in no time:

  1. HIIT

    High-intensity interval training or HIIT is a form of working out that consists of short, vigorous bursts of exercises that are immediately followed by brief recovery periods. HIIT workouts have been proven to shed pounds, increase endurance, improve heart health and regulate blood pressure. Interested in trying it for yourself? Check out this six-minute full body HIIT workout.

  2. WOD

    If you've spent any time in a CrossFit gym, you'll recognize the WOD acronym. But do you know what it stands for? WOD simply means "workout of the day," which is usually a set routine created by an instructor or coach. These workouts typically consist of a variety of strength training and bodyweight exercises.

  3. Weekend Warrior

    As the term implies, weekend warriors are people who don't have time to work out during the workweek and fit all of their physical activity into the weekend instead. Although this approach to fitness can lead to injuries, only working out on the weekends can improve your health and help you live longer than those who don't exercise.

  4. Circuit Training

    Circuit training is a type of workout that strengthens muscles, raises your heartrate and increases endurance. A circuit consists of several exercises that are completed one after the other, without any rest in between. Next time you work out, try this core training circuit.

  5. Functional Fitness

    Functional fitness exercises help train your muscles so you can perform everyday activities easily. For example, squats will make picking things up off the floor a breeze. By strengthening muscles in a meaningful way, you can improve your quality of life and avoid preventable injuries.

  6. PR/PB

    These commonly used fitness acronyms stand for "personal record" and "personal best" – marking a person's individual best within a specific athletic activity. Although PR and PB are most commonly used for running, swimming and weightlifting, they can easily be applied to any physical activity. Put you newfound knowledge to work and try to beat your PR during your next workout.

Next time you're headed to the gym or working out with friends, use this fitness lingo and you'll sound like a pro.