Improve The Way You Move With The Bowflex® LateralX® Trainer

Posted On Aug 6, 2018 By Andrew Dahlquist, Bowflex Insider Team

A woman playing with a child in the sand. Improve the way you move with Bowflex LateralX Trainer.

Whether you’re lifting the laundry, running with the dog, training for athletics, or playing with the kids, you’re asking your body to move in different directions and engage multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Many of us, whether new to fitness or advanced, tackle our goals with cardio machines, or activity types, that primarily engage forward and backward motion (walking, rowing, cycling, elliptical).

While training in one plane of motion can be beneficial toward our health and fitness goals, training in multiple planes of motion can help prepare our bodies for the movements that matter, developing the quads, glutes, and hamstrings, and providing the body with greater overall strength, conditioning, and confidence to pursue the activities we care most about.

Looking for a new way to train in multiple directions, empowering you to move just as you do in daily life? Improve the way you move with the Bowflex® LateralX® trainer.

Why Lateralx?

The Bowflex® LateralX® trainer is the full-body, low-impact cardio machine that moves in three directions. You’ll glide from side to side as you push, pull, stand, and squat, activating muscle and burning calories in every workout. Tighten and tone from home as you strengthen yourself for daily activities – without the jarring impact. Learn more about why LateralX® can help improve the way you move.

We developed the Bowflex® LateralX® trainer because we recognize fitness isn’t one size fits all. Being fit for life is about so much more than just weight loss; it’s about building your body in a way that allows you to live life the way you want to live it. Whether that’s climbing a mountain (real or metaphorical), playing soccer with the family, or anything in between, our goal is to provide you with the tips, tricks, and tools to help you Be Fit For Life™.

Get 30 Full-Length Lateralx® Workout Videos

Looking for extra motivation? Our 12-week workout plan features 30 full-length LateralX® workout videos to instruct and motivate you throughout your fitness journey. Follow along as professional Bowflex fitness trainers guide you through each and every workout while you build strength and burn calories. Plus, you can take your training up a notch with optional cross training workouts. And it’s absolutely free via the Bowflex™ LateralX™ App, available for iOS and Android.

Check out our success story videos and stay tuned for future posts focused on real success stories that move us.

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