LateralX Testimonial: "I Lost Over A Third Of My Body Fat In 10 Weeks!"

Posted On Sep 4, 2018 By Bowflex Insider Team

LateralX Testimonial: "I Lost Over A Third Of My Body Fat In 10 Weeks!"

In our Bowflex® LateralX® series, we chat with real people who participated in our 10-week fitness challenge. Laurel is a 46 year-old working mom who was looking to feel more energized in her daily life. In just 10 weeks, Laurel not only found that energy, but lost 34% of her body fat.

"It's not about fat or thin. It's about fitness. It's about health, and it's about how I feel in my clothes. And I feel great."

Bowflex: What's your energy like?

Laurel: I mean, my energy is through the roof! I have an injury that I'm contending with, and that does impact my energy. But before this program, it was debilitating. Now, my mornings are exhilarating. Truly exhilarating. I have some struggles in the afternoon, but it used to be that my whole day was a struggle. Now, I really, truly look forward to my morning, and I know I'm going to feel great for the rest of my morning.

Bowflex: That's amazing.

Laurel: That feels amazing to me, and I literally called my mom this morning. I said, Mom, I know I'm still struggling with my head injury, and that's hard, but this program has made me feel better than I felt in 10 months.

Bowflex: So some of these daily parts to your life are easier now?

Laurel: Well, I live in a townhome that has four stories, and I'm used to walking up and down those stairs. I now walk up those stairs, and I double-step them, and I feel great. All the way to the top, and it feels good. I think LateralX got me strong and worked all the right muscles so that going up those stairs, I just fly up them.

Bowflex: What was your favorite part of the workout?

Laurel: I love getting down and [squatting] because we all have our good parts, and we all have our challenging parts. I have some challenging parts, and this allowed me to really work on that.

Bowflex: You toned up your muscles. Does that sound right?

Laurel: I toned up my muscles in my glutes and my arms. My legs, what's interesting is that my jeans are a little tighter now but not in the waist - my thighs are nice and muscular, and not in an icky way. In a good way! I did get toned in my arms, my back, everything. I lost some weight, but my goal wasn't to lose weight. My goal was to feel strong and fit.

Bowflex: What part of your body are you most proud of?

Laurel: I have never noticed muscles before on my body in this kind of a way. I'm proud that I have arms and shoulders now. I've never noticed that before. It's exciting.

Bowflex: What else was cool about the workout?

Laurel: I enjoyed the variety. I learned more about it towards the end of the program. We got to experiment a little more on the machine. I liked the X Mode [workout] because it gave you specific instructions on what to do and when. And if you followed the X Mode [workout] for 16 minutes, you got a really great workout.

Bowflex: Do you think people at home would benefit from a workout that guides them?

Laurel: Yes. I think they would tremendously benefit from following the instructions. I'm this kind of person: Give me the instructions, let me follow them, and tell me I'm going to get results at the end. And that's exactly what this was. It gave me instructions. I followed them. I got results at the end. What else I learned was the idea that less is more in this program. I used to go running for two hours, and I don’t need to do that. I can work out for 30 minutes on [LateralX] and get an extremely effective workout. I never knew that. That’s totally different for me.

Bowflex: What about that unique motion makes a difference?

Laurel: I notice if I put my legs together, I'm working certain muscles. If I have [my legs] out, I'm working different muscles. I really like that I had all that variety to work all the different components. When you keep your core tight, I ended up getting some really great midriff engagement that I haven't seen in years.

Bowflex: Are you seeing yourself move and twist easier?

Laurel: I have noticed that. Like carrying things around and picking up heavy things is easier. That is absolutely noticeable.

Bowflex: Do you remember your stats? You lost over a third of your body fat.

Laurel: I did?

Bowflex: What does that mean to you?

Laurel: I didn't even know that. Wow. I'm trying to process what that means. A third of my body fat is gone in 10 weeks. That's awesome! I already know that I have to go buy new clothes, and I have to go to a tailor. I have a different body now, and I love that. And it's not about fat or thin. It's about fitness. It's about health, and it's about how I feel in my clothes. And I feel great.

Bowflex: Is this the best shape you think you've been in?

Laurel: Yes. This is the best shape I've ever been in. I wish I would've been in this shape younger, but I'm so happy to be in it now.

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