Why Lateral Training Matters - Part II

Posted On Sep 6, 2018 By Tom Holland

Two people playing tag indoors.. Why lateral training matters part 2.

In a previous post on lateral training, “Why Lateral Training Matters,” I discussed the importance of adding this specific type of movement to your workout routine and included a few exercises to get you started as well.

Life happens in multiple directions. You need to strengthen your body accordingly.

Here is another lateral workout, one that builds on the previous session, adding a few exercises along with a little complexity. It is comprised of primarily body-weight exercises, with one that incorporates SelectTechs for a little added resistance.

Lateral Warm Up/Mobility

Do each movement for 30 seconds each, two times through.

  1. Skaters
  2. Side Shuffle: 5 seconds each direction
  3. Carioca/Grapevine: 5 seconds each direction

    This is a lateral exercise/warm-up where you move sideways with your arms straight out from your shoulders while continuing to face forward, rotating at the hips while crossing your trailing foot in front of and then behind your lead foot. So, when walking to you right, you cross your left foot in front of your right, then behind it, repeating this pattern as you move laterally. When moving left, the right foot passes in front of and then behind the left foot.

Lateral Exercises

Do two rounds.

  1. Walking Lateral Lunges: 10 steps each direction
  2. Stationary Lateral Lunges with Dumbbells: 10 steps each side
  3. Lateral Pop Squats: 10 repetitions

The entire lateral workout should only take around 15 minutes or so to complete, but it will really start to strengthen the muscles that are integral to lateral movement. It will also help to improve your lateral mobility as well, training your entire body to move from side-to-side in a smooth, coordinated, efficient manner.

Remember that true health comes from strengthening your entire body in a balanced, functional way. Lateral training is essential to building the best “you” possible.