Late Summer: Time to Mix it Up

Posted On Aug 15, 2016 By Rachel Weingarten

Late Summer: Time to Mix it Up

By now you're fully into your summer routine. Packing up each weekend and waiting on too long lines to do things you're not quite sure you wanted to do in the first place. As summer draws to a close, it might be fun to figure out a way to try something new to make the remaining weeks of vacation season more satisfying.

Try it!

Have you been waiting and watching as everyone else stand up paddles or uses their hiking poles? I hate to be the one to remind you that in a few weeks you'll probably be ready for an extra layer of fleece. Late summer is a perfect time to try a new sport, and it's a win/win situation. Love it? Excellent! You still have a few weeks to practice. Loathe it? That's cool, too. You can go back to swimming or running.

Go Nude

Not literally (unless it's your thing, in which case, hey, you don't really need my advice on how to let loose), but instead figure out a way to pare down your beauty and grooming routine. After a summer spent in the sun, there's a good chance you have a glow or at least tint of color. Stop piling on makeup or over grooming yourself and just let more of you shine through. Skip a layer of hair product, opt for gloss instead of a full pout and let the simpler version of you shine through.

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