Last Minute Ways To Celebrate Summer

Posted On Aug 17, 2018 By BowFlex Insider Team

Two people camping next to a lake.

All year we look forward to the long, sunny days and endless nights of summer, but sometimes this season can be so busy that it flies by before you’ve had a chance to kick back and truly enjoy the weather. To help make the most of it, we want to share a few quick, easy ways you can incorporate fresh air, fresh fruits and vegetables, and sunshine into your life so you feel you’ve taken advantage of the season.

Have a Cookout Filled with Summer Veggies

An easy way you can take advantage of the warm summer nights is to barbecue for friends and family. Just throw your favorite lean meat and a hearty grouping of fresh summer vegetables on the grill, and you’ll have a true feast ready for a crowd in no time. An added bonus is that grilling allows you to keep your kitchen cool and mess-free. Follow these healthy grilling tips from Registered Dietician and BowFlex Insider Contributor Erin Kuh to make your next cookout a tasty success.

Head Outside to Work Out

Since the weather during the rest of the year might be too cold or rainy to allow you to work out in the great outdoors, take advantage of the season and venture to the nearest park or trail for your next workout. Studies have shown that training outside adds health benefits as well, like increasing your levels of vitamin D. So catch some rays next time you venture out to break a sweat for an extra health boost.

Visit Your Local Lake or River

Gather up your swimsuit and towel, and head on over to your closest body of water to cool off. Lakes and rivers offer a perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends. Organize a group river float or rent some stand-up paddle boards for a fun activity everyone will enjoy. This is an especially great option if you are worried that the temperature is too high for an outdoor workout, but want to be outside to get your sweat on. Consider trying this summer circuit workout by BowFlex Fitness Advisor Tom Holland that incorporates a pool, lake or river for a refreshing, but effective workout.

Go Camping

Planning a quick camping trip can be a great way to check off your summer bucket-list items. Roast marshmallows, go fishing or biking, or tell scary stories around the campfire — you won’t soon forget the fun you had with friends and family. Can’t spare the time to leave town? No problem — just set up a stay-cation and pop the tent in your own backyard — follow these tips for a stress-free and memorable campout.