April Showers: How to Keep Yourself and the Content of Your Gym Bag Fresh & Clean

Posted On Apr 11, 2018 By Rachel Weingarten

April Showers: How to Keep Yourself and the Content of Your Gym Bag Fresh & Clean

If you look at a majority of advertisements for home or shower products, we all smell pretty gross and live in homes that tend to be incredibly odiferous. The reality according to most experts is that we tend to shower a bit too much and are equally overzealous when it comes to washing our clothing.

So how can you find a balance between fresh and clean and completely ripe? Pay attention to yourself, your workout, and your gear.

  • Sweat it out: Did you just go for a 10-mile hike? Yeah. You definitely need a shower. A casual walk in the park though means that you can probably skip your next bath. See the difference?
  • We're so trained to equate movement with stinkiness that we assume we need a deep clean after every single exertion, which isn't always the case. Too much water, soap and shampoo can strip your skin of its natural emollients leaving you dry or prone to itchiness. If you go to the gym before work, you should probably rinse off afterward no matter how easy your workout though, there are sometimes you just don't want to risk being the noticeable one in a meeting.
  • Clothes encounters: Keeping your gym gear clean can be a bit trickier, since you never know when the ghost of workouts past will revisit your seemingly clean gym shorts. First off, after a casual workout, give your clothes a sniff. If you think you even detect a smell that might cause others undue nasal offense, throw it in the laundry. Next up, switch to a detergent that is meant to tackle performance fabrics like lycra or other body hugging/funk enhancing products. Hex Laundry Detergent not only cleans even your smelliest socks, it also protects against future whiffiness. Also, pay attention to hidden offenders like running shoe insoles and even your gym bag itself; air both out on a regular basis to keep things fresh if not clean.

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