Just Breathe: How to be Mindful This Holiday Season

Posted On Nov 24, 2014 By Rachel Weingarten

Staying mindful during the holidays can help beat stress

I've always meant to start meditating. And yet here I am, with almost another year under my belt and I've all but forgotten to stop and smell the roses – event the dried up ones. So before I bid this year farewell, I'm going to try to take some time to be more aware of everything going on around me.

As someone who lives in a big city, I learn to tune things out. I tune out the constant traffic noise. I tune out the loud conversations of those sitting next to me on the subway. I tune out the myriad tiny indignities that make up the parts of my life I could do without.

Maybe I can combine my inclination to tune things out with my need to look within? In other words, while the holiday madness turns into a rapid blur around me, maybe I can channel my own inner need for calm and think about the best parts of the holiday season… Not the guests that stay too long or add to my laundry, but the fact that I can be with people I love. Not the fact that cooking seems to take forever before everyone wolfs everything down and the washing up threatens to overwhelm me, but the fact that I can figure out how to combine different foods together to provide a great big meal that causes everyone to stop what they're doing and collectively say "yum."

If I've realized anything over the past few years, it's this: It doesn't have to be huge and earth shattering to be life changing. Maybe this holiday season, the best I can do is stop to think about why what we have is truly the best.

How will you stay mindful this holiday season?