James' Story: Building the Foundation for a Healthier Heart

Posted On Feb 11, 2017 By BowFlex Insider Team

When 32-year-old James Hashley visited a wellness fair at his workplace, he came away with some unexpected test results: He was diagnosed with high cholesterol. Knowing that elevated cholesterol levels can be a risk factor for heart disease, and not wanting to encounter health problems at his young age or later on in life, James decided he needed to make some lifestyle changes.

With the help of his doctor, James developed a plan to incorporate strength training and cardio into his daily routine. He began following a bodybuilding program, using the BowFlex® SelectTech® 552 Dumbbells, and quickly learned that there were other hidden benefits to working out.

"Weightlifting with the SelectTech® 552 Dumbbells was a great way for me to mentally reset from the work day before starting on my homework," said James. "It was such a good stress reliever."

As James started eating better and exercising, he quickly began noticing positive changes in his health and lifestyle. A year and a half after starting his bodybuilding program, he had gained nearly 30 pounds of muscle. In addition to having more energy throughout the day, James' doctor delivered the best news possible: his cholesterol numbers were no longer elevated.

Fitness is now the foundation of James' healthy lifestyle. His commitment to health and his future is what keeps him motivated.

"Now it's all about doing what I can today to invest in my future self," James explained. "There's a part in all of us that wants to look better, but I also want to invest in my future health and keep my cholesterol down."

For others in a similar situation or those considering starting fitness journeys of their own, James is quick to share some helpful advice on finding the motivation to get started:

"Find your why," he said. "It's got to be bigger than looking better. If you want to lose a few pounds, then fine. But why do you want to lose those pounds? If you're only focused on looking better, you may not achieve your goals."

Today, James still follows a bodybuilding program and incorporates cardio into his fitness regimen. As his strength increases and his progress continues, he looks forward to moving up to the BowFlex® SelectTech® 1090 Dumbbells—passing along his currently beloved dumbbells to someone else just starting out.

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