The Inner Connection to our Outer Appearances

Posted On Sep 23, 2015 By Joel Harper

The Inner Connection to our Outer Appearances

We all want to feel and look our best, but many people don't realize that this involves more than just eating right and exercising. Your perception, feelings, and attitude all play an important part in how you look to the outside world. All the cells that make up your body have a direct relationship to your feelings and thoughts. My most successful clients always look amazing because they work to feel their best from the inside out. These people know that to look stunning, they must also feel their best.

When you groom and dress yourself in the morning, do you take the time to look your best? If not, why not? Did you stay up too late? Not sleep well? Not looking forward to your day? How can you change that?

Consider this: the better you feel about yourself, the higher your self-worth, the more you love yourself – all this will translate into outer beauty, and you'll worry less about how you look to the outside world.

Add these two practices to your healthy eating and exercising to train yourself to feel great on the inside:


Say this out loud to yourself: “A sense of balance, serenity, and strength comes from looking my best. I give myself time to be healthy and vibrant. Each and every one of my cells glows with illuminating energy. People always say how healthy I look.”

Breathing Exercise

Take a slow, deep inhale and think about what it feels like to have an amazing body. Then exhale fully, slowly, and completely, letting imperfections go out with your breath. Repeat, inhaling beauty into your bones, muscles and cells and exhaling insecurity and self-doubt, for a total of five breaths, settling into the healthy radiant person that you are.

Do you have any other practices you use to help you feel your best on the inside? Share them with us in the comments below.