A Simple Tool That Helps You Drink More Water

Posted On Sep 11, 2013 By Tim Arndt, Resistance Training Specialist


Water is an essential element to healthy living. Without it, our bodies can't function properly, and if we really deprive ourselves of it, we'll die.

So the big question is: "If it's so important, why aren't most people drinking enough?"

Much of it has to do with all the other options we have that appeal more to our taste buds, such as energy drinks and soda. It also seems inconvenient to keep water around all the time, and we often forget to drink it throughout our busy day.

There is one trick that I have found that helps my clients drink more water: a water bottle with a straw.

In particular, bottles that are easy to carry and seal so they don't spill. On top of that, it's easier to count the number of water bottles you consumed than to try to track your ounces.

The video below, gives you some good examples of water bottles that you can acquire cheaply at a nearby store or online that will help you get in at least 75 oz. of water every day.